Replacment Laptop Battery UK, Dell Latitude 131L Battery
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Replacement for Dell Latitude 131L battery [DELL Latitude 131L Laptop Battery]

Dell Latitude 131L Battery
The Dell Latitude 131L Battery are all brand new, high quality, which can 100% compatible with the OEM Dell Latitude 131L Battery. Our purpose is to help customer to enjoy a comfortable life by offering high quality Laptop Batteries.
Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 6600 mAh
Size: 0
Color: Black 
Your Price:£ 42.55
Note: Best replacement for the original battery. Full 1 year warranty! 30 days money back!

Replacement Dell Latitude 131L Battery Campatible Part Numbers

  • Dell UD260 Battery
  • Dell UD265 Battery
  • Dell PD942 Battery
  • Dell PD946 Battery
  • Dell RD850 Battery
  • Dell RD857 Battery
  • Dell RD859 Battery
  • Dell TD344 Battery
  • Dell TD347 Battery
  • Dell TD349 Battery
  • Dell UD264 Battery
  • Dell UD267 Battery
  • Dell GD761 Battery
  • Dell KD476 Battery

Replacement Dell Latitude 131L Battery Fit Notebook Models

  • Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery
  • Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery
  • Dell Inspiron 1501 Battery
  • Dell Latitude 131L Battery

-How Can You Care Dell Latitude 131L Battery To Get The Maximum Life Out Of It?

1.) Always use your laptop on a hard surface.

Laptops are portable and it's easy to set your laptop on your Latitude 131L battery or on your bed and use it at your lesiure. That's one of the benefits of having a portable computer. Flexibility. But if you want to extend your battery life you have to watch out for overheating your laptop.

Heat is one of the biggest obstacles to battery life longevity. Your laptop computer fan cannot circulate the air properly when your laptop is sitting on soft surface.

2.) Do not keep your battery installed when you use your laptop on AC for an extended period of time.

While your laptop is undoubtedly using a smart charger to charge your battery even a constant trickle charge over months can reduce your battery life. For best results, only charge your DELL battery Latitude 131L when you need to charge it, don't leave the laptop battery plugged in all the time.

3.) Use a full charge cycle before recharging

Li-Ion and NiMH battery (which most laptop battery are), do not have a memory which you might find in NiCad batteries. However, each chemistry has a limited number of charge cycles, so use a full charge cycle before re-charging to maximize your Dell Latitude 131L Battery usage.

Because this may be very difficult to manage, you'll need to consider the cost-benefit ratio for keeping track of how far discharged the battery is before you charge it again.

4.) Be careful where you store your laptop

This goes back to the heat issue. Don't leave your DELL Latitude 131L laptop in the car where it can get very hot.Batteries hate heat and your battery will go on strike permenantly if you expose it to too much heat.

Dell Latitude 131L Battery